Learning Eagles
An unique interactive distance learning framework to deliver teaching and training services over the internet.
Virtual Programming Teams
A quick, cost effective and efficient method of augmenting programming teams as and when required or on an ongoing basis.
Virtual Programming Teams

a quick cost effecting and efficient method of augmenting programming teams on an as required or ongoing basis.

CAF Processing

An end-to-end solution for Telecom Providers, requiring to process large numbers of Customer Application Forms (CAFs) in compliance with TRAI's strength criteria.

Life Settlement Back Office

Patient Health Records - chronological sorting, data extraction and case history abstraction services. An end-to-end workflow solution for Life Expectancy Report Providers, Life Settlement brokers, providers of underwriters.

Data Entry & Processing Services

Any back office, requiring paper processing, digitization, archiving, online transaction processing through customised software driven work-flow, can avail of these services of ours.

GIS Services

Tathya's Geographic Information System (GIS) efficient enough in capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information is a rapidly growing technological field that incorporates graphical features with tabular data in order to assess a wide range of companies including transportation, telecommunication, land administration & the municipal and utility sector (including the public health sector).

Financial Services

Tathya offers outsourced Tax Processing Services and Book Keeping Services, using softwares like - Docbits (a Tathya developed proprietary software for automatic file transfer) and accounting softwares like Quickbooks.