Learning Eagles
An unique interactive distance learning framework to deliver teaching and training services over the internet.
Virtual Programming Teams
A quick, cost effective and efficient method of augmenting programming teams as and when required or on an ongoing basis.

Download the following in order to know us a better way:

1. A Case Study on how we helped a US based Life Expectancy Reports (LER) provider achieve a paper less office in less than a year, save costs and enhance efficiency. This company was a 15 person outfit when they started outsourcing to us in early 2005. BECAUSE of outsourcing they were able to generate at least 40 more US jobs while generating 30 more Indian jobs! Moral of the story: Done right, outsourcing can in fact be a win-win for both worlds.

2. A Case Study on how we helped a UK based Public Sector behemoth wade through 1.3 million customer complaints over the previous decade, build a searchable repository and classify into pertinent complaint types. One client representative quipped while the project was in full swing that our employees by then knew the client processes better than any in the organization itself! It was a rare compliment.

3. A Case Study on how we helped a Northern Ireland based global car rental space start up in the Car Rental Reservations space & grow to a formidable business in seven (7) years starting in 1997. The owners were able to exit the company at the end of those seven years with substantial financial gains and one of them even went on record saying "When one considers the massive changes in Web technology since 1997, it's little short of miraculous that Tathya were able to design a system which has proved to be scaleable to the degree that our growth has required".

4. A Case Study on how we are helping a London based information aggregator build a scaleable and economically viable business model through outsourcing their back office web research and aggregation services to us.

5. A Presentation providing a service profile and some history on Tathya.

6. A Solution Paper providing insight into our Document Digitization and other Data Scraping and Format Conversion services.