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An unique interactive distance learning framework to deliver teaching and training services over the internet.
Virtual Programming Teams
A quick, cost effective and efficient method of augmenting programming teams as and when required or on an ongoing basis.

Who We Are

Tathya Dot Com Pvt. Ltd., based in Kolkata, India - specializes fully as a service provider in Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

For the past thirteen (13) years, Tathya has been helping companies, in India, USA, UK, Ireland and Middle East, to streamline their IT and Back Office operations through the use of technology and outsourcing. In the process, Tathya has helped its customers to become more efficient in running their core business by means of freeing up of resources and saving cost on non-core but essential business functions.

Another pleasant by product of these streamlining exercises has been significant savings (to the tune of even 60% in some cases) on IT and other non-core back office functions.

What We Do

We typically take-over all - or at least a significant portion - of the worries regarding such non-core but essential business functions such as:

  • Information Technology: Anything to do with managing/maintaining personal computers, servers, softwares, websites.
  • Back Office Jobs: Clerical processing of paper documents and/or Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) supporting software driven/assisted back office work-flows like, recruitments, employee benefits, accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Decision Support Services: Data warehousing. Business Intelligence consulting. Conducting secondary and primary data collection surveys. Statistical processing and reporting of business data.

Why Choose Us

  • Because all things remaining constant between us and our competitors, we will beat others by our fanatic approach to customer support.
  • Because we are brutally honest even about our limitations and utmost transparency is the hallmark of our customer relationship.
  • Because we will always call a spade, a spade and will provide our customers unbiased and honest consultancy based upon our thirteen years of experience in outsourcing. We have no affiliation to any brands!