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Power Network Simulator (PNS) is a unique software solution for comprehensive simulation of electric power system under steady state operating condition. PNS has been developed by renowned personalities of Power System Engineering drawn both from industry and academia. The software is capable of presenting complex mathematical modeling into simple and user friendly GUI, where user can simulate various real time scenario through on-screen data manipulation.

Power Network Simulator (PNS) has the following major components:

  • User Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Simulation Engines for:
    • Power Flow Studies
    • Short Circuit Studies
    • Transient Stability Studies
    • Voltage Stability Studies
    • Economic Load Dispatch
Key benefits of using PNS:

  • Savings from reduction of generation cost through economic generation scheduling
  • Reduction of system loss through optimal placement of capacitors and transformer tap adjustment. Around ten per cent loss reduction is easily achievable
  • Improvement of system security through improved topological network connectivity
  • Extremely user-friendly operator training facilities.

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