Learning Eagles
An unique interactive distance learning framework to deliver teaching and training services over the internet.
Virtual Programming Teams
A quick, cost effective and efficient method of augmenting programming teams as and when required or on an ongoing basis.

Data Entry & Processing Services

Tathya offers your business a unique portfolio of data entry, data processing, and data management services. For years we have continually been researching and improving ways to make our data-involved processes perform at a level which exceeds the best of our customers' expectations and requirements. We benefit significantly by employing software driven automation workflows in collaboration with our team of data operators.

Apart from the standard data entry, data conversion, and data management projects, we also welcome requirements such as generating important summary statistics on data, summarizing information into intelligent formats, creating powerfully illustrated tables, arriving at percentile rankings and frequency distributions, performing rank order analysis on data and data extraction from unstructured content to build easy-to-use spreadsheets or database, etc.

Our Data Entry & Processing Services are:

  • Forms Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Audio Transcription
  • Online Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Web Data Capture
  • Inbound Mail Data Capture
  • Cash, Credit & Check Processing